ASERIEVISCOM is a community based digital and advertising agency that prides itself for skills development
in the media/communication industry. This comes in handy with employment opportunities for media graduates and practitioners. We have 100% digital high quality studios with a capacity
broadcast any kind of event or campaigns through advertising, advertorials, shows and
personalized services per the client’s need.

With the resources we have on our disposal, we are then formed a program called “CAPITAL
LIVE – CONNECTING COMMUNITIES” This is where we initiate radio broadcasts and
advertising management for community radio stations. Community radio stations get connected
or linked to CAPITAL LIVE during the proposed broadcast time as per the client’s need.

The client identifies their target audience or send us stations they would like to feature on their
campaigns. CAPITAL LIVE then facilitates the procurement of the community media. Puts
together the broadcasting plan as per the campaign to be aired. We cover the whole country
(South Africa) with its community radio stations. After procurement, the client send content to
CAPITAL LIVE SA, then we work on the planning.


Job Description


Your role will be the following:

Selling of community radio advertising space.

Ensure consistent, profitable growth in sales revenue Perform sales activities on major accounts where required.

Develop and manage sales and sales support staff Accurately forecast annual, quarterly and monthly revenue streams Develop specific plans to ensure revenue growth.

Coordinate company resources to ensure stable sales results Establish and monitor sales policies, practices and procedures to improve efficiency.

Collaborate with the managing director to develop sales strategies to improve market share Hold weekly meetings with sales staff Lead the sales team by identifying training gaps; training the team on improved presentation strategies, etc.

Company Description


Based in Pretoria(Tshwane) Requirements Must be able to work in a fast paced, pressurised environment.

An ambitious person looking for a challenging career, where the ultimate goal is driving the business’ profitability Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to build and nurture a sales team Experience in reaching and exceeding targets Two to five years’ experience in sales business management or equivalent preferred Taking responsibility and ownership for results.

Closing date: 20 January 2024


Contact: 087 265 3779 OR 071 392 2503


We offer signal distribution services to communications companies and radio stations around the city of Tshwane. Contact us for more details: 071 392 2503